Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Think I Know Who Should Accidentally Die Next, Oh Just and Mighty Lord

Ladies and gentlemen of the void, I hereby encourage you to feast your eyes on the most smug little *%^&@$# I've seen in a looooong time and then thank everybody you meet for the rest of your life that you were not cursed with her as your mother/sister/daughter/wife/self. Unless you were. [Sorry--but we won't take anything back and you know we shouldn't. -Ed.]

Once again--thank you, Katie Couric, for bringing us the hard news, the news nobody else has the stones to get out there and have somebody else point a camera at while you pretend to give a shit off-screen.



ndpoolshrk said...

Someday she should make fun of someone wearing a puffy shirt while having her gloves off, and then get pushed into a hot iron.

Mary said...

I guess all her beauty and appeal went to her hands at the expense of her face and hair.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to step on her hands with baseball cleats on......for her that would be worse than dying.

Goodtime Charlie said...

Or maybe somebody could "accidentally" get her hands caught in a thresher or some other agricultural machine?

Whatever would ensure those "perfect" hands get nice and mangled but won't impede on her living to a ripe old age would do quite nicely. Although, let's be honest--she would immediately kill herself if anything ever happened to her hands and she became a normal (ugly, untalented) person.

Pillows said...

WOW!!!!!! Well thank God for her AMAZING hands or she would just be shit out of luck!!