Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reason #146 That I Love Italy

Love Berlusconi or hate him, you gotta love a country with a President that would say this:

“If I sleep for three hours, I still have enough energy to make love for another three,” the newspaper La Repubblica quoted him as telling the younger crowd. “I hope that when you hit 70, you’re in as good shape as I am.”

(source: NYTimes)


Anna said...

a 1:1 sleep to sex ratio is impressive. what's the typical american's ratio? what are our presidential candidate's ratio?

Goodtime Charlie said...

typical american ratio is 23:1.
i am slightly atypical, at 1:4.5
(thank you, thank you--you're so kind).
meanwhile, mccain has a slight edge over obama, at 1:400--but that's only because he hasn't slept in 8 months, out of fear he would never wake.

Anna said...

i appreciate your thorough research. thanks!
- an inquiring mind for PARADE magazine